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Drainage Phase 2

In 2012 we underwent the 1st phase of an extensive drainage improvement project; the benefits of phase 1 have been undeniable in 4 major areas. On May 6th, we began phase 2 of the drainage improvements by addressing 7 different high profile areas, the targeted areas are not only heavily played areas but also high profile view areas as well.
These areas include a large portion of #2 fairway, 2 areas in #4 rough and fairway, the large swale at the corner of #9 in the rough, between the tee and fairway on #10, from 150 yards in on #13 and finally the large area between the back left of #18 from green to starter shed and up to the front of #1 fairway.
Our plan is to install approximately 9500 lineal meters of drainlines, one area at a time consisting of 2" slit drainage with 3 and 4" collector lines.

We would like to encourage golers to contact us directly for the most up to date information.

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Redwoods is Open Daily!

The golf course, restaurant and driving range are all open daily! Please book your tee time online.

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