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How's Your Pace of Play?

“Anybody who plays golf slower than me is an idiot. Anybody who plays golf faster than me is a maniac” -George Carlin

 Redwoods couple playing golf

The pace of play is a well establish issue for the game of golf. While waiting a little bit can sometimes be a part of the game—and also gives you a few minutes to collect yourself before teeing off—there are few things less frustrating than waiting for long amounts of time to take your shot on all 18 holes. In order to improve the pace of play, many golf course owners, superintendents, and architects are actually setting up easier golf courses. However, it’s not just the golf courses to blame for a slow pace of play: we are all accountable!

Here are 10 ways we all can improve the place of play for the golfers around us and for ourselves as well:

  1. Walk with a purpose:Proceed to your ball and be ready when it’s your turn to hit.Redwoods golf course Hole 13
  2. Play promptly:Take no more 30 seconds to hit your shot and definitely less than 5 minutes to look for a lost golf ball.
  3. Be efficient on the greens:Read it. Hit it. Tap it in. Go to the next tee.
  4. Be prepared before you get to the tee box:Start the round with tees, markers, balls and a ball-mark repair tool in your pocket. Replace head covers while you walk. Write down scores on the next tee.
  5. Be cart smart:Drop off your partner and drive to your ball. When you leave the cart, take a couple of clubs with you, not just one.
  6. Don’t give lessons on the golf course:Know your playing partners' strengths and weaknesses; help them on the driving range not while a group is waiting behind you.
  7. Play a provisional: Not sure where that last shot went exactly? Hit another one so you play that one if need be.
  8. Play the right course for your ability level:Choose a set of tees that will allow you to have the maximum level of enjoyment, not a gruelling round.
  9. Be quick at the beverage cart: You will see it again, you don’t have to get everything for the round the first time you see the beverage cart on the golf course!
  10. Arrive at the golf course on time: Nothing slows down a golf course like groups showing up late for their tee time.
  11. Accept responsibility:Recognize that slow play isn’t just the other guy’s fault—you can do your part to manage the pace of play as well.

Remembering even only a few of these tips will significantly help improve your pace of play. Next time you come out golfing try your best to keep these simple tips in mind and enjoy your round while others enjoy theirs too! Happy golfing!

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