Shane Driediger
Executive Chef
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(604) 882-5153

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Many wonder what keeps our Executive Chef, Shane Driediger going at such a high pace through the busy golf and wedding season. One word... Caffeine! Coffee is like rocket fuel for his culinary creativity. He's an experienced Red Seal Chef with over 20 years in the field including time at Club Med Resorts and guest spots on Outdoor Life Network cooking shows. As the Chef at Redwoods Golf Course for a number of years, it's a shame that he hasn't become as good a golfer as he is a grill master! On the odd chance you are looking for him on the golf course simply follow the smell of freshly brewed Arabica beans and the trail of oversized divots. They are usually pretty close together so it shouldn't be too hard.