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    Power Cart Rentals

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Single rider power carts are available for rent until 3pm daily!

After 3pm we are only offering push cart rentals

To comply with current physical distancing restrictions, we have made adjustments to the majority of our power cart fleet to accommodate single riders only. If you are living in the same household as your golf partner, we have a limited number of two person power carts available for rent as well. Two rider power carts will only be rented after both riders prove their shared address on a piece of government issued identification. 

Single rider: $25 + tax

Two riders from the same household: $40 + tax

Due to these single rider limitations we cannot guarantee the availability of a power cart rental and therefore power carts cannot be pre-booked. Power carts will be assigned at check in on a first come first serve basis.

Reminder: the last power cart rental is 3pm each day