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Hole 13 Rebuild

After nearly one and a half years of construction, the pipeline work and course rebuild are finally complete as of September 2023! Hover over or click on the images for more details on when and where the photos were taken.

The Rebuild

Our signature 13th hole went through the ringer. While we knew that the pipeline would be installed in a trench dug through part of the fairway before it tunnelled underneath the green, we didn't expect the entire fairway to become the construction zone it was! 

Prior to pipeline construction, the fairway had some rolling hills to make an otherwise pretty straight hole a little more interesting. Hills aren't great for construction so the entire area was completely flattened. So much ground was removed to make the area flat that the cart path on the right side of the fairway was 6+ feet in the air compared to where it naturally sat before! Post-pipeline, we had to recreate the entire shape of the hole by adding back that right-to-left slope and the swales. 

We laid all new drainage, installed new irrigation, and then covered it all in topsoil and turf. We even got a refresh of the cart paths. After all is said and done, the fairway is now a touch wider and we removed a fairway bunker from the right side, but otherwise, the hole is shaped the same as you remember it.

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Thirteenth Hole Enhancements

In addition to rebuilding the entire fairway, we rebuilt the blue tee deck and combined it with hole 17 in a beautiful U-shape. It's kind of hard to imagine but just wait and see it for yourself! 


 Last updated: October 6, 2023

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