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The Pre-Round Warm Up

Golfers want to shoot the best round of their life TODAY! However, it’s surprising how many golfers show up 10 minutes before their tee time, check in at the golf shop, load their clubs onto the back of the cart and then expect to rip their first tee shot right down the middle of the first fairway. How did that work out for you last time? Not well?

We asked our golf professionals at the Fletcher Cameron Golf Academy why it’s difficult to simply show up and have a fantastic first hole and they both said the same thing: warm up matters! Just a quick warm up before your round can dramatically improve your game starting right at the first tee. Golf Professional Scott Cameron says: “I have a minimum 20-minute warm-up that I do before every round of golf. Whether it’s just a round with my buddies or a tournament round, the warm-up principles remain the same.”

Here is Scott’s 20 minutes warm-up routine that he uses before playing a round of golf with his buddies:

Driving Range:

  • 10 x full swing sand wedgesScotts blog pic - golf warm ups
  • 5 x three-quarter swing pitching wedges
  • 5 x full swing eight irons
  • 5 x full swing hybrid/five irons
  • 5 x drives

Putting Green:

  • 3 x 20ft putts
  • 3 x 5ft putts

So next time you play the Redwoods, aim to arrive an extra 20 minutes before your round so you can test out Scott's warm up at our driving range and putting greens. Don't forget to tell us how it works for you!

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Redwoods is Open Daily!

The golf course, restaurant and driving range are all open daily! Please book your tee time online.

See you soon!