At the Redwoods we love supporting local. We pour pints of locally brewed beers, glasses of locally made wines and we even grow some of our own herbs on site! Driving south over the rolling hills and past the luscious farmlands of 216th street you can’t help but notice the vineyard of the makers of our most popular wines who resides right here in Langley: Chaberton Estate Winery!

Chaberton Estate Winery has been producing award winning wines since it opened

IMG 3033

for retail in 1991. They produce over twenty different wines that are all 100% BC VQA. Chaberton uses grapes that are grown right here in Langley as well as some grown on vines in the Fraser, Similkameen and Okanagan Valleys. At the Redwoods we have been serving Chaberton wines for over ten years; it is our most popular wine at weddings and one of our top sellers in the restaurant. We have poured enough Chaberton to fill the average swimming pool!

Back in July, Chaberton Estate Winery graciously hosted an educational (and supremely enjoyable) private event at their winery for the Redwoods Food and Beverage Team. Upon our arrival we were given a private tour of the vineyard where we could look across acres of land teeming with six different varietals of grapes; wandering through a vineyard on a beautiful sunshiny day just cannot be beat! Apparently when you are standing in among the vines, and it’s really quiet, you can actually hear the vines growing! However, in a group of 15 ladies, it’s a tall order to get some silence—quiet certainly is not our strong suit!

IMG 3011IMG 3018

IMG 3025Following the vineyard tour we were taught about the entire process of wine making followed by Chaberton from the harvesting of grapes in early fall to a unique natural filtering processes that they practice, to the aging of the wine in French oak barrels to the bottling and labeling. So many individual efforts and practices go into each and every delicious bottle.

After the tour we were greeted with a wonderful spread of cheeses, breads and crackers and a variety of wines to sample! Our tour leader Louise did a phenomenal job of teaching our team proper wine etiquette all the way from presentation to pour. Everyone got the opportunity to practice opening and serving wine to the group, reaffirming the tips that we were given.

The wine itself was amazing. IMG 7858We were fortunate enough to sample six different wines giving us all a taste of how fantastic BC wine is. Louise took the time to teach the team how to properly taste wine and gave us tools to help find the words to describe what notes and flavours we taste in wines.

An afternoon spent tasting (and learning about) wine while sitting on a shaded patio overlooking a vineyard is an afternoon well spent! Thank you so much Chaberton Estate Winery, your staff members are wonderful and your wines delicious—you make it so easy for us at the Redwoods to continue supporting local!


To learn more about Chaberton Estate Winery head on over to their website!



While the social media wedding has risen over the last few years making your wedding easily accessible across social media with the use of a wedding hashtag (which we discussed last month), we are now seeing the backlash of this phase with the increasingly popular trend of unplugged weddings!

An unplugged wedding simply means that the bride IMG 2492and groom ask their guests to put their phones and cameras down, or better yet, turn them all off! How do you accomplish an unplugged wedding? A simple sign, and perhaps a friendly reminder from your wedding officiant prior to the ceremony can make a huge difference! Some weddings may have the entire night “unplugged” while others may choose to have just the ceremony unplugged—that choice is up to you!

Five Reasons why should you consider an unplugged wedding:

1. You most likely have paid a professional photographer to capture your day; we promise your guests will not have ‘better’ photos from their devices then the ones your photographer will get.

2. Your photos can potentially become compromised by competing camera flashes and your photographer might not be able to capture all of the shots they would like to as they are constantly trying to shoot around other wedding guests attempting to capture the same picture.

3. You will not have to be interrupted by the obvious audible distraction of clicks, pops, and whirls as guests take pictures, or power up and down phones and cameras.

4. Your guests will all have a much better view of the ceremony without their sightlines being blocked by other people’s cell phones and cameras, or even other people’s bodies as they scramble around trying to get a picture perfect angle of the glorious bride walking down the aisle.

5. Wouldn’t it be nice to be standing up at the alter looking back at all of your guests’ smiling, maybe even teary-eyed, faces instead of being greeted by the backside of their cell phones because they are busy taking your picture?

unplugged 2Asking your guests to put down their phones enables them to truly enjoy and be fully present in the event or at the very least, the magical moment when the bride walks down the aisle and the couple says their “I do’s”. While pictures are great memories, so is actually being there, present in the moment.

Your wedding is a once in a life time event and your guests were not invited as paparazzi. You have invited them to share in your wedding, not necessarily share your wedding with their Instagram followers.


Unplugged… Try it!

One of the most popular selections this year from the Signature drink selection in our Diamond Wedding Package has been the house infused White Sangria. What makes it so darn good? We asked our resident mixologist who invented it (that’s Tim, our restaurant manager) and believe it or not, he is willing to share his recipe with you!

In his words… “it all starts out at least three days in advance. I collect all of the necessary ingredients; some from the grocery store, some from our liquor storage and some straight from the herb garden that we have growing around the Redwoods clubhouse. To make sangria great it needs time to sit and get all of the flavours working together. To make your own white sangria combine all of the following in a jug and store in your fridge for a minimum of three days. (Yields approx. 4 litres of sangria).


  • One litre of organic pear juicesangria
  • One 750ml bottle of white wine – an inexpensive Riesling or Gewurztraminer works best
  • ¾ litre of white grape juice
  • ½ litre of white cranberry juice
  • ½ litre of Sprite (Or soda if you don’t want it too sweet)
  • One cup (8oz) of Vanilla Vodka
  • Two cups of whole mint leaves (25-30 leaves) slightly torn
  • One cup cubed cantaloupe
  • One cup cubed honeydew melon
  • One cup halved green grapes


“Place all ingredients together in a container and store in the refrigerator stirring once a day to agitate the mint and really blend the flavours. When you are ready to serve it at your big event—by big event I mean after work on a sunny Friday on your patio—I find it works best to strain out all of the fruit and set it aside. Make sure that you remove all of the mint leaves as they might wilt and turn a brownish colour from the acidity of the juices. Serve the sangria over ice, top with a spoon full of fruit and a sprig of fresh mint. Cheers and Enjoy!”

First look photos—taking pictures of the first time a groom sees his bride prior to the ceremony—are becoming more and more popular these days.  There are quite a few reasons to consider taking first look photos:

Convenience & Time:531A0359

Doing a first look allows for better planning and less time feeling rushed. It allows for extra cushion time to get the best photos. If you can’t get all of your photos taken before the ceremony, there will be time afterwards!

Time Alone:

Weddings can feel absolutely crazy with out-of-town guests coming in early and friends or family buzzing around trying to help get the last minute details squared away. If you have a few hours blocked out for first look pictures and just some hang out time on the day of the wedding, your nerves will thank you! It will mean having a chance to spend a little quiet time with your future husband/wife which will help make the day all the more enjoyable.

Quick Turnover:

Most traditional weddings do photos of the wedding party, bride, and groom after the ceremony while the guests enjoy a form of cocktail hour. Sometimes photos take longer than planned which can cause a delay in getting the reception started. Having all or most of your photos done before the wedding allows for a quicker turnover which keeps everyone happy!

Brittany Chalmers Favorites 0009

Better Photos:

We don’t want to make anyone upset who doesn’t want to do a first look, but we do believe you’re able to get fantastic if not better photos with a first look. More time with your photographer allows them to get more creative with their shots. If you take photos after the ceremony, there’s often a feeling of pressure to get just the necessary photos completed so you can join the rest of the party and the guests can move on to dinner.

You shouldn’t be nervous about missing out on seeing your grooms reaction at the first sight of his beautiful bride! The photos you get from a first look shoot are just as genuine as the ones when a groom sees his bride as she walks down the aisle! Your future groom is guaranteed to break into a massive smile the second he sees you—no matter where that happens! We would even argue that you might get an even truer reaction from your future spouse as the moment is more privately romantic being just the couple and the photographer rather than being in front of hundreds of guests.

The idea of taking photos after the ceremony stems from tradition dating back to the era of arranged marriages; it was believed that if the couple saw each other prior to the ceremony it would give them a reason to run away. Seems like a solid foundation for a marriage doesn't it...?

With all of this in mind, will you take the traditional route and see your future husband for the first time on your wedding day as you take your first steps down the aisle towards him? Or will you take a more modern approach to your wedding photos and see your groom for the first time when you share a moment in a more private setting prior to the ceremony?

No matter which direction you choose to take we are VERY excited to host your special day!


Photo on top right by Ainsley Rose Photography; Photo on bottom left by Matt Kennedy Photography 

How cute was that idea to have a disposable camera on each table? What a great way to capture your wedding from the eyes of your guests. Unfortunately, the quality—and occasionally the content—of the photos you get after spending all that money to develop them just isn’t worth it!

Now let’s talk about the #hashtag. If you are involved in social media in any capacity, you have more than likely seen hashtags being used. One of the beauties of a hashtag is that it allows people to group like photos together in a search on social media platforms; this makes it an incredible tool for your wedding day as well as the events leading up to the big day!hashtag

Most of your guests will have cell phones, and probably even Instagram. (If not, it is a free app that only takes a minute to download, so you can ask your guests to download it before the wedding!)

All you need to do is come up with a unique and catchy hashtag. If you feel that you can’t come up with one, fear not, several websites actually offer suggestions after entering you and your significant others names and the wedding date!download

Once you have your personal hashtag figured out it is time to come up with some signage. Whether it be a chalkboard, little signs in the centerpieces or included in your wedding programs, make sure you let your guests know what to tag when they post photos of your wedding on social media!

At the end of the day, a wedding hashtag is an easy way for you to keep track of the photos taken on your wedding day, as well as get instant access to those beautiful memories. Happy hashtagging!


Don’t forget to tag us too!We love to share your photos! #redwoodsweddings

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