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IMG 2556a reality—we love staying ahead of the curve! If anyone has been following our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (links below) you may have noticed that something is in the works at Redwoods! Since early March we have been keeping a secret while posting pictures trying to lead our followers in the right direction… and our project is finally complete! Redwoods is now the owner of a completely redesigned and fully functioning Food Truck!

Decked out in the classic Redwoods red and white, the Team Woods Food Truck will be featured at all of our shot gun tournaments starting this year! IMG 2567Equipped with all of the bells and whistles, our Food Truck is built to accommodate all kinds of food for shot gun tournaments to enjoy during tailgates.

Team Woods Food Truck is also available as an option at weddings for the late-night snack! How fun would it be to have this pull up to your wedding bearing all sorts of delicious snacks for your famished (and danced-out) wedding guests? To book your tournament featuring our Food Truck, or to add this head-turner to your wedding package, email our events team at!


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Practice makes perfect. This statement is true with pretty much every sport or activity you were involved in growing up, and the same stands true on your wedding day!

A wedding rehearsal only takes approximately 30 minutes but it is a truly effective tool to help your wedding day go smoothly. Your wedding is the highlight of the weekend and your rehearsal dinner should be a reflection of the creativity and effort you have put into pulling it all together. 


Traditionally the rehearsal is held the night before the wedding; however recently the rehearsal has become more of a celebration of its own rather than just a formality. Here at Redwoods couples may hold their rehearsal any evening during the week leading up to their big day starting anytime before 5:00pm. With this kind of flexibility there is a lot more time for the couple to relax, recuperate, and get ready for their main event!

Why not let us host your rehearsal dinner?

At Redwoods our rehearsal packages offer a variety of dinner menus to choose from as well as reserved spaces in our cozy restaurant or out on our beautiful patio where you can enjoy your meal. Our experienced team will ensure you and your guests feel relaxed, comfortable and above all have a fantastic time! Invite as many friends and family members as you like to the rehearsal dinner, but remember that the rehearsal itself should only include those involved directly in the processional or recessional. Any questions about our rehearsal packages? Contact our events team at

You may want to grab a tissue before reading this one! 

As many of you may already know, the 2nd annual Boys of Fall Charity Golf Tournament took place at Redwoods last August. All proceeds went to JRFM Basics for Babies; a partnership with the Lower Mainland food banks to assist them in providing for the tiniest in need! 

We were blown away with everyones generosity and support which resulted in raising an incredible $75,000 for Basics for Babies!

During the live auction, there were 3 private performances with Chad Brownlee and Dallas Smith to be won... Steve donated a generous amount and won one of these private performances. 

Steve planned to host his private performance with Chad and Dallas right here at Redwoods. He arranged to have his dearest friends, family and coworkers join and planned to propose to his girlfriend this night! Steve had planned this 3 months in advance, however, due to scheduling he had to wait until December.

The evening started with a special appearance by Santa who delivered Christmas gifts to all the children. Their expressions were just the cutest! Soon after, the private performance with Chad and Dallas began. 

Chad sang his romantic song " Love Me Or Leave Me", followed by Dallas singing a verse from his song " And Then Some". For those of you that haven't heard the lyrics, here is the verse that he sang:

"This love can last forever

I can only say what I'm gunna say with one knee on the ground

Make me a better man, take a hold of my hand

Honey I promise you

I will be the one to save you

when you got nowhere to run

and whenever this world breaks you

I'll be there to pick you up

If you're feeling desperation

And your faith is all but gone

I will give you my last breath so you can carry on

I love you that much, and then some"

During this verse, Steve had his own mic, and got down on one knee to ask Kerry the four words that she will never forget: " Will you marry me?".. And .. She said YES!

Congratulations to both Steve and Kerry on their engagement! From all of us at Redwoods, we wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness! 


Is it fair to ask your guests to turn off their cameras during the ceremony?

While some couples are encouraging their guests to take as many images as they’d like at their wedding… others are asking that guests turn off their cameras and smartphones for the day. An unplugged wedding is a wedding that restricts the use of any devices that record video and take photos. It can be during the wedding ceremony itself or for the entire wedding ceremony and reception. Many couples will place a sign at the entrance to kindly remind their guests of their unplugged wedding. There are definitely strong thoughts from both perspectives.


Why choose an unplugged wedding?

Guests are fully present throughout the ceremony:

The bride and groom wish to have their guests fully present with them throughout one of the most memorable days of their life. An important aspect of a wedding is having your special friends and families witness you exchange your vows. It can be difficult to ensure this if many people are distracted by their electronic device. When you discourage these devices at a wedding, it encourages your guests to look up and be actively listening throughout the ceremony.

The photographer captures the moment:

The bride and groom spend a lot of money on their photographer for their special day. It may be disappointing to view your wedding photos and notice many smartphones being held up in the background. An unplugged wedding allows for the photographer to capture their images without the distraction of others also capturing the moment. 

Image Source Google Images

Image Source: Google Images

It eliminates the chance of an unintentional “first look”.

Having an unplugged wedding eliminates the chance of having your images shared before the ceremony. The bride wants to keep her wedding gown a secret from her significant other until the ceremony. However, with Social Media being so popular, a picture can be uploaded so quickly. It would be disappointing to have your dress revealed before the ceremony takes place. An unplugged wedding allows for the couple to decide when to reveal their wedding images.

Why not to choose an unplugged wedding?

Although there are some strong thoughts for an unplugged wedding, there can be just as many for a wedding that allows guests to take images.

Many couples will encourage their guests to take images throughout their wedding day and even share them on social media. Often couples will create a hashtag which guests can use on Instagram, or Facebook. 

Google Images2

Image Source: Google Images

The bride and groom are able to view their wedding from a different perspective

Your photographer is usually only one or two cameras. Therefore, having your guests take images allows them to capture special moments that your photographer may miss. You are able to see your wedding day from multiple perspectives and your guests might be able to capture different angles then the photographer.

Out of town guests might appreciate a sneak peek.

For guests that are unable to attend the wedding, they will appreciate seeing photos the day of, rather than waiting to view the professional photos. 

The compromise:

One way to meet in the middle is to compromise between the two options. You could politely ask your guests to refrain from taking images at the ceremony and allow them to bring their cameras out for the reception.  

What are your thoughts on an unplugged wedding? 

A trend that’s sweet; The Candy Buffet.

Back due to popular demand this year was the Candy Buffet. Who could say no to a sweet, delicious and sugary treat that guests of all ages can enjoy! It’s interactive, enjoyable, and adds a distinct wow factor to the décor of any wedding.

Many brides choose the Candy Buffet in lieu of a wedding favor. Guests are given a bag to fill with their favourite sweets as a take away gift from the wedding. The Candy Buffet is always a big hit with guests. They seem to show a lot of excitement when they see a candy buffet at a wedding… And we don’t blame them. If they’re anything like us Redwoods employees... we all have a bit of a sweet tooth as well! After all, there can never be too much sweetness at a wedding!

MG Photography

A First Look: More popular then you’d think!

Another common trend this year surrounds the popular question of: Should you see each other before the ceremony?

Sure, years ago the answer would have been absolutely not, due to the superstition that bad luck would soon follow! For some, it’s the notion of simply not wanting to break a tradition and for others it’s the belief that the first glance during the walk down the aisle creates a suspenseful, unique, and mysterious feeling. 

 The idea behind seeing each other before the ceremony may not be for everyone. However, the trend of 2014 was to include that first look before the ceremony. And we definitely see this becoming even more popular for 2015.  There are two great benefits we have observed from a first look before the ceremony.

We receive a lot of compliments from guests (especially out of town guests) who really appreciate not having the long period between the ceremony and the reception. The bride and groom are able to spend this extra quality time with their dearest friends and family.

Taking images before the ceremony, the bride and groom don’t feel as rushed, as they are not hurrying to get back to the reception. Couples love sharing this special, relaxed, and personal moment just the two of them before the eyes of all their guests. This past wedding season, one of our brides mentioned she preferred taking her images before the ceremony as she felt her hair and make-up were most fresh at this time.  

Erica Miller Photography

Vintage Weddings never go out of style:

The vintage wedding theme is still one of the most popular which we see here at Redwoods. And this isn’t too surprising considering the romantic feeling that comes along with the 1920’s era.  There’s something about that old fashion, Great Gatsby theme that creates such an elegant, passionate, and sentimental aura.

Dramatic veils,  shades of champagne and gold, lace, burlap, antique frames,  beads, and mason jars are just a few of the popular décor pieces we see at some of these Vintage themed weddings.  

However, this isn’t the only popular theme we have seen this year. The Rustic wedding theme still seems to be just as popular. These nature country inspired weddings tend to incorporate wooden, centerpieces, tea lights, twine, terrariums and rustic bark vases.

 There are so many unique décor pieces to add to your wedding. Many of our brides have used Pinterest as an inspiration for finding their perfect wedding décor pieces. 

We are very excited to see what styles our 2015 weddings will have!

What trends will you have at your wedding? 

Adore Imagery Photography / Vanessa Voth Photography



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